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Amp Ublox GPS

 This GPS module has ublox 7m chip with compass inbuilt.  It can be used in drones for gps features such as return to home and position hold in the drone.  It is compatible with most of the flight controller. It includes Anti vibration kit for mounting flight controller

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     Main Chip U-BLOX NEO-7M
    C/A Code 1.023MHz
    Receiver Frequency L1 [1575.42MHz]
    Drifting <0.02m/s
    Accuracy 1us
    Coordinate System WGS-84
    Max Attitude Height 18000
    Max Speed 515m/s
    Accerlaration <4g
    Tracking Sensitivity 161dBm
    Capture Sensitivity 148dBm
    Cold Start Time 38s Average
    Warm Start Time 35s Average
    Hot Start Time 1s Average
    Capture Time 0.1s Average
    Temperature 40 to +80
    Wide Power Supply Voltage +3.5V~+5.5V
    Max Voltage 16V
    Channel 56
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    The Test Of The Universe 5.00 Can we get GPS stand with it?


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