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Arduino Lily Pad Mini

This mini electronic product is designed for e-textiles and wearables projects. This product can be joined to fabric and also mounted power supplies, sensors, and actuators with conductive thread. It has only 9 pins for input/output. It is just a connector and a built-in charging circuit for Lithium Polymer batteries. 

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    Microcontroller ATmega32u4
    Operating Voltage 3.3V
    Input Voltage 3.8V-5V
    Digital I/O Pins 9
    PWM Channels 4
    Analog Input Channels 4
    DC Current per I/O Pin 40 mA
    Flash Memory 32 KB (ATmega32u4) of which 4 KB used by bootloader
    SRAM 2.5 KB (ATmega32u4)
    EEPROM 1 KB (ATmega32u4)
    Clock Speed 8 MHz

    It is basically a wearable board. This board actually has an ATtiny microcontroller on it. With an onboard USB port, no interface card is necessary to program it. This device has  2 PWM ports, 5 GPIO ports. The ports can be connected via soldering or with conductive thread.





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