Arduino Uno R3 board


2 Channel Relay Module

1 Channel Relay Module Compatible With Arduino


  • 5V relay can be used as a microcontroller development board module can be used as a home appliance control
  • 5 V-5v TTL control signals
  • control DC or AC signal can control the 220V AC load
  • the increase in transistor drive a relay coil, control pins high impedance
  • the control pins with pull-down circuit, prevent floating relay malfunction
  • high quality, pin colors (black, yellow) were shipped
  • blue KF301 terminal control measure and easy to wire
  • 4 positioning screw hole diameter 3mm center hole spacing of 20mm x 40mm
  • compact circuit board

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 5V 10A 1 Channel Relay Module compatible with Arduino
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  • Basic Electronics Components
  • Relay
  • modules
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    Operating Voltage 5 V
    Max. Switching Voltage  250VAC/30VDC
    Max. Switching Current 10A
    Trigger Current 5mA
    No of Channel 1
    Weight 15g
    Size 17 x 43 x 18 mm

    The module is triggered, high trigger current less than 5mA, part of the 51 single-chip IO port output capability is weak, pull or increase the drive capability of the circuit.

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