Arduino Uno R3 board


Micro Sd Card Module

RF Module 433 Mhz

The module helps to communicate with Arduinos wirelessly. It is mainly transmit and receive the data because it has high volume of application than IR. RF signals travel in the transmitter and receiver even when there is an obstruction. It operates at a specific frequency of 433MHz.

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  • Wireless and IOT
  • RF
  • RF Connecter
  • Recivers
  • Sensors
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    Modulation ASK
    Input Voltage 5 V
    RX Operating Voltage 5V
    Frequency Range 433.92MHz
    Input Voltage 3-12V
    RX Typical Sensitivity 105 Dbm
    RX Supply Current 3.5 mA
    RX IF Frequency 1MHz
    TX Supply Voltage 3V ~ 6V
    TX Out Put Power 4 ~ 12 Dbm
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